December 2016

We started Zarfund Team 1.0 as a WhatsApp and Telegram based groups on the 9th of October because of the many lapses we experienced in other groups. Our goal is to take Zarfund to the next level by building a community of like-minded people.

Our initial target by the end of December 2016 was to have about 500 members in our community. Today we have surpassed that expectation, as we have recorded more than 550 registered members on WhatsApp/Telegram based Zarfund groups in just less than 3 1 month of launch.

Due to the surprise increase in member base, Zarfunder, this online platform was built to cater to our ever growing needs. Hence, we have projected for the coming year, the following:

  • a. With our reputation and brand name greatly spreading, we plan to launch the Zarfunder community in two more countries come 2017 – South Africa and Ghana. This would help augment the projection of having over 10000 members on Zarfunder come August 2017.
  • b. Seminars would be held in major cities – Lagos, Abuja, Enugu & Port Harcourt come 2017. This would also help increase the level of awareness and membership of Zarfunders.

The growth of the Zarfunder Community lies in our hands. There is a wealth stream open for all to tap in and enjoy it for the rest of their lives. With not more than N14,000, you are guaranteed of becoming the next multi-millionaire in the next 3 Months.

Many who have started this are enjoying it already. Don’t be left out.

Thank you.

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