Zarfunder, or popularly known as Zarfund Team 1.0, is a community of Zarfund Matrix users that are committed to growing their Bitcoin. We provide active downlines to members of our community that would aid the growth of their Bitcoin at a faster rate.

We are made of people of diverse ethnic, racial religious and political backgrounds and we don’t discriminate anybody based on race, sex, nationality, religion or any other factor. We only work to achieve one aim – Grow our Bitcoin in the fastest way possible on ZarFund. That is why we are Zarfunders.

ZARFUND is a community of Bitcoin owners that are willing to grow their Crypto-currency. However, people that enjoy the benefits of Zarfund are those that belong to active communities. These people have high probability to move from one level to another at a fast rate. If a person registers on Zarfund independently, the chances that he or she would get to Level 6 within a year or more, is very low.

Zarfunder has come to solve that problem. We have created a platform that encourages active and serious Bitcoin owners. So if you register through us, you are assured of active downlines without you dropping a sweat.

This is the best deal anyone can give you without paying anything extra. With our carefully worked out publicity and advert systems, we assure you of counting your Level 6 Bitcoin profit with a smile on your face within months instead of years!

Invest as little as 0.03 BTC on ZarFund through the Zarfunder Community referral to skyrocket your investor’s downlines. Your journey to Level 6 = 64 People = 128BTC or 95,360 USD starts here.


We work hard to make it simple and transparent for people with a shared purpose to come together and change the world — one person at a time.

Winning comes from team play. Our leading-edge, data-driven approach to media ensures greater precision, efficiency, and media performance. This dynamic approach puts the right message in front of the right people, on the right platform at the right time, resulting in optimal viral growth.

If you have any other inquiry about Zarfunder: We have set up a team of Guardians to help you get started and understand how eZarfund works. Having any inquiries, talk to a guardian.

Igbuku Othuke
Email: Mobile: +2348064154693
Obiegue Clara
Email: Mobile: +2348092486893
Idikirhen Agbatorho
Email: Mobile: +2348032555281
Okiti Emmanuel
Email: Mobile: +2348130418760
Email: Mobile: +2347067419334
Adebayo Adelakun
Email: Mobile: +2348037003463

Get to Level 3 within 2 Weeks. Your profit becomes 0.6BTC (N210000 or 420USD)

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