Welcome to Zarfunder Community.

To start growing your Bitcoin in Zarfund platform, you the need to complete the following processes.


Just 4 steps:

  1. Create a Bitcoin Wallet
  2. Fund your bitcoin wallet with 0.0304btc
  3. Sign up with the team link
  4. Upgrade to level 1 (Bronze)

And you’re in

#Step 1. Create a Bitcoin Wallet

If you don’t have one yet, use this video guide to creating your blockchain:

If you are having issues creating your Bitcoin Wallet, you can request for support and a guardian will contact you.
Request Support

#Step 2. Funding Your Bitcoin Wallet With 0.0304 BTC

Please not that 0.03BTC is what you actually need but due to blockchain charges during bitcoin transfer from your account to that of your sponsors, we advise members to buy 0.0304BTC

We can help you fund your Bitcoin Wallet

Request Funding

NB: Before you request for funding, do make sure you have your Bitcoin Wallet address available

#Step 3. Sign up with the team link

After funding your Blockchain wallet, please commence your ZarFund Account Registration with the link provided below:


#Step 4. Upgrade to level 1 (Bronze)

Use this guide to upgrade to level 1 (bronze level)

Maybe you wish to speak to any of our Guardians? You can contact them for any inquiry here.

What Next?

Zarfunders are always on the move promoting and positioning ourselves to get paid on a monthly basis. To ensure no one is left behind on getting paid every 30 days, we have outlined Zarfund Strategy for Zarfunders.

Zarfund Strategy as A Zarfunder