Zarfunder through teamwork enables everyone to reach the highest level on Zarfund.

Here’s how it works.

Zarfunder: Who we are?

Who we are?

Have access to ZarFund’s largest 2 x 2 line of people who are ready to invest under your downline when you become Zarfunder. Take advantage of Zarfunders member’s referral link, and start rising on ZarFund.

Zarfunder growth in Zarfund

Grow as we grow!

Zarfunders are serious Bitcoin traders, with a growing community of members who are impact-driven and diverse. We take you to the desired bus-stop automatically.

How do I get started?

Create a free member profile on eZarfund

Create a free member profile on Zarfund

We match a member link to use for registration on Zarfund

We match a member link
to use for registration on Zarfund

Invest as little as 0.03 bitcoin in Zarfund.

Invest as little as 0.03 bitcoin in Zarfund.







Advertise Zarfunder on social mediaYou are free to tell your friends, post on social media and within a month Zarfund takes you to Level 3 on ZarFund. On this level, your profit becomes 0.6BTC or N210,000 ($420) and your Level 6 Profit of N42.4M ($84,000) is guaranteed. Use the video below for promotion:

 How payment works

What is the payment process?

ZarFund is an international platform, which people all over the world invest in. This is why the generally accepted currency is a cryptocurrency called BITCOIN. It is currently the most valued digital currency. Payments are made by members of ZarFund securely via their respective Bitcoin wallet.

To convert your Bitcoin to your local currency, you would need to contact the services of – 1) Online exchange companies – 2) Individuals who are recognized Bitcoin traders, or – 3) simply contact eZarfund through the platform or your guardian. We make sure every member on Zarfunder has a guardian. This is the reason we request for a valid phone number and email address on the registration.

How to earn return

How do I earn money?

There are 6 Levels on ZarFund where you earn money. ZarFund requires you refer two people so as to automatically begin on the first level – Level 1. These referred people would be required to duplicate the process for you to grow. That is why most people GIVE UP on ZarFund!

Now we are here to bridge the gap for thousands of people. As a team, we collectively promote this platform using our individual skills. Within the first 7 days of registration, as you keep to this strategy you would be in Level 2 in no time, with your profit increasing to 0.1BTC or N35,000 (70USD).

What do i get

How do I monitor my investment?

You can monitor your levels through ZarFund’s portal. This would be possible after registering with the provided referral link from an existing Zarfunder Community Member thus adding to the person’s downline. This comes also after you have invested the required 0.003 BTC (N12800) to get you started.

You can also monitor your Bitcoin wallet’s progress through your wallet.

What is Zarfunder?

ZARFUNDER is a community of serious and committed Zarfund users that are committed to growing their Bitcoin. We provide active downlines to members of our community that would aid the growth of their Bitcoin at a faster rate that if they registered by themselves. Learn more about Zarfunder